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I thought this was US History

I should really get started studying for my US history but once you have an idea for a blog post you gotta preach that shit. Or else it wouldn’t be the same. Good thing i have two more hours to study so that should be enough. I have a solid B in the class. If i dont get atleast a C my grade in the class might drop. I don’t even know why i have a B in the class. In class everyone does a crossword but their suppose to be extra credit. At least i think so. Who does newspaper crossword in history class!? My teacher. The crosswords are so hard tho. They ask, a roman robe or tehran’s land. I don’t know the words for this! This is US history not trivia. Supposedly their extra credit but according to the grade book, my ass. I need to ask him about this and fight my case. Cause i need that A in that class.

Then my teacher would take about a band and go off topic and says, “Oh lets see the videos for Ok go!” And we spend half an hour watching videos. Which i guess is good but come’on! I want to learn. I need to that A in that class and watching videos of this crazy band wont help me on the test, i wish.

Last week he was even googling Arrowhead Water. We found out that they were owned by Nestle. And that Nestle was one of the biggest food company’s. I don’t even remember what touched that topic.

All i want is for you to reteach what’s on the book. Not that i don’t understand it, i just need a different view. This is why i miss last years history teacher. I actually learned from her. And took notes that were relevant.

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