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Cher Lloyd Im now your Brat

I’m so excited for cher lloyds new album! Like really really excited. I’ve never been this excited for an album since Lana Del Rey’s album, “Born to die”. I just listened to the AOL sessions on Cher’s vevo and oh em gee. The songs, the lyrics, her tones, I JUST CANT WAIT! My favorite is Superhero. The whole time i watched the videos i was asking myself, “IS THIS REAL LIFE!?”

Hopefully you watched the video already. This song is amazing! Oh my this song is just too amazing to talk about. If she writes her songs, she’s an lyrical genius. Who writes these lyrics!? Cher lloyd. Something no other bitch can.

You hurt me and no not physically. I aint got no bumps or bruises to show what you’ve done to me.

Once i heard that lyric i said, Oh my this is amazing. Cause it is. I don’t know how to explain it but i LOATHE this lyric. When ever i’m sad i can use this lyric as my facebook status. And my friends will tell me, “Whats wrong Daniel?” And my excuse would be, “Its just an Cher Llody lyric from her song, Superhero. Im totally fine.” Free promo and a great cover up story.

At first i was excited for the album but not as excited i am now. It’s all because i never seen all of the AOL session videos. Based on those videos, the album is going to be amazing! I now need to do research on Cher Lloyd so that i could be her top fan. She calls her fanbase brats so ima been her number one brat! I hope i don’t turn into one though. Oh well who cares i’ll have something to blog about.


Apparently this video is disabled for embed. So just watch it now and come back. Okay, this video is amazing! I first didn’t want to watch it because i thought it was going to be boring and it had a collaboration, afraid it will destroy my view on this song. But it hasn’t its changed it. This video is so hilarious and is OSHO’s definition of creative. It’s so hilarious the things she does to and in the pictures. She reminds me of the character Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, a character i love and watching Cher in this makes me wanna go die. At how flawless obviously, if it was the other way, i wouldnt be blogging about it. Well maybe. I just want these bits of the videos in a GIF for me to add to my blog on tumblr. And on this blog obviously! *sexual wink, yet not so sexual* *a Cher Lloyd wink*

Cher you’re going to make me die wonder what your album will be like. But thank you anyways cause ill have something to blog about! Shall you become filthy rich and buy all the men you want for your songs. Do artists even do that? Maybe i should ask Rihanna. (Im kidding obviously.) Too bad i have to wait TIL OCTOBER! Good thing its the second. I now have a classy album to twerk on Halloween!

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