Starbucks Stories #2

At Starbucks again. Second day in a row! How nice. I’m at a different location of course. If i was at the same Starbucks as yesterday, the workers would be say, “Um wasn’t he here yesterday for two hours!? Gosh he has no social life.”

This time i’m sitting at a table next to the coffee pick up table thingy. It’s so awkward cause all of the customers waiting for their coffee will have an excuse to look at me. They better not judge my beatles shirt im wearing. It’s a classic. It’s the Abbey Road cover picture.

The guy who sits in the table in front of me is sorta old looking. I’d say in his thrity’s and hes faced right in front of me. We can make eye contact! You know how awkward that would be!? We haven’t made eye contact yet cause hes too entertained on his laptop. And so am i. He has some ugly sloppy tattoo’s on his legs though. Never mind their not ugly cause its art. He left now. I wonder who’s going to sit in front of me now. Somebody on twitter told me that black guys at Starbucks are fun to talk to. So maybe a black guy will. A rich one willing to buy me a refill.

What is worker from Jamba Juice doing here at Starbucks!? Aren’t they suppose to be competition. I mean they’re next door. She could get all the smoothies she wants there. If i worked at Jamba Juice i wouldn’t get a coffee after work. That’s just me. Maybe she’s craving coffee. And Jamba Juice doesn’t believe in the potential of coffee. <— yeah i don’t know. That was sorta random i guess.

Oh my this old dude just put alot of cinnamon on his coffee. I mean alot. Is he doing the cinnamon challenge or something!? Get high? Is that even possible? I think you can get high when you snort it. Maybe that’s what hes going to do. Save it for later.

And there’s this dude waiting for his coffee and he just put on his sun glasses and he looks UGLY with his sunglasses on. Um excuse me take that shit off. Were indoors. Plus they’re UG-LY. They’re the small lens with metal around the lens and mirror reflectors. He’s gone. Something tells me his sex life must be boring. I’m only 16 and i’m judging whether he has a sex life or not. Whats wrong with me!?

Another old dude is ordering his cold coffee wearing a pink v-neck. SWAG. And he’s tall too. As tall as me. ITS A GIRAFFE!

Seems to me the new berry cold drinks are a success. A lot of people are ordering that shit. I might not buy it though. It’s a coffee shop. If i come to Starbucks i come to buy coffee not some fancy looking drink. That’s just me tho.

A dad with his young son sat in the table in front of me. That little kid better not walk to my table and touch my stuff. Little kids should not be allowed in Starbucks anyways. What if a little kid comes to my table and yanks my laptop charger and brakes it. That’s something to consider Starbucks. The little kid was just next to me. I just don’t want him to talk to me. I’m awkward. Good thing the dad called the kid over. When are they leaving tho? The parents wont be able to drink their iced tea conferrable with the kids walking around everywhere. Okay they left. Thank goodness.

I heard my name. A lady said “DANIEL” in a sexual way. So creepy. Good thing i didn’t look. Daniel is a common name so i doubt she’s talking about me.

If you stare at the blinds and the window at the same time it hurts your eyes. I know that cause i just did that. Ouch. It hurts your eyes and make you sleepy. You should try it sometime though. TWEET IT.

This song playing right now at Starbucks reminds me of the movie Twilight. The scene of Bella at the book store. I actually feel like i’m in that scene. But instead i’m at a coffee shop.

Another guy just set his iPad and binder at the table in front of me. And his iPad cover is exactly as mine (well my moms). My is better though! He’s not black but Asian. Even better…? I have a feeling he’s going to be here for a while. Oh he came with his friend. Or maybe its his wife. Who knows. Oh i can ease drop! Oh wait he’s not Asian he’s just old. I’m not trying to say anything (lol). It was just hard to tell at first because it would be super weird for me to stare at him with out eye contact and because he left quickly to order for his coffee. Oh em gee. How hilarious. Okay they have to be a couple, they were just smiling back at each other. And the lady is facing me, and i got to see her face expression and omg. I’m dead. Her face was so hilarious. She squinted her eyes and made a very wide smile. Omg no. Don’t do that in front of me cause ill randomly laugh my ass off and i’ll look like an idiot while everyone thinks i’m laughing over something over the internet. And my excuse would be Tumblr. Tumblr has some pretty hilarious posts man. Oh wait the lady is a psychiatrist! The guy is talking and the lady is taking notes. I can’t listen to the convo but i keep on hearing the guy saying, “I, I, I.” But why were they smiling at each other!? What kind of psychiatrist is she? A hooker psychiatrist? This is so odd. Omg i just looked at her face and omg i’m dead again. Her face expression look was so hilarious! She had a serious look to herself and looking down. Just like creepy Gaga but her head wasn’t that down to the ground. I wanted to laugh my ass off but i had to stay strong. The guy left to the restroom and the lady just made a long sigh. She must be exhausted listening to him already. Its only been 10 minutes, i think.

A guy just walked back and forth the pathway. Did he read my blog post? Whatever i don’t care. I wasn’t blogging about him. Not then at least. But i doubt it. If he did read the post he would make an laughing face expression.

This may be odd but i have never been to a Starbucks where they use the restroom a lot. At the other Starbucks I’ve been they hardly use the restroom. But not this one. Someone uses it every 5 minutes. It’s a coffee shop after all where people drink liquids so.

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