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Perfectly Imperfect

I’m THE definition of imperfect. Cause being perfect is boring. Right?

I constantly make typos and mistakes on my blog posts. Good job Daniel. and you want to be freshly pressed and shit. It takes me a while to recognize my mistakes. Sometimes i don’t revise my blog posts because i’m too damn tired. Though i have to cause i want my readers to understand what i’m talking about. Sometimes when i’m really bored, i just read some of my old blog posts and remember how silly i was. And then i see a typo and i fix it. It’s not that i don’t know perfect English, its just that i get too excited when i blog, i don’t notice the stuff i write. Or just because im in a rush to publish it. If there’s a typo on my blog post just comment, and ill fix it ASAP. I don’t have a social life so i’ll fix it quickly (If that makes sense. You see what i mean!).

I can get a little creepy. I stare at people randomly for a second and we make eye contact and i look away. You know how awkward that is? Gosh why do i do that? Doctor’s say its not creepy only when you make eye contact for 3 seconds. If only everyone knew that. I just can’t help my self though, its something that comes naturally. Last school year there was this girl in my Spanish class and we would constantly stare at each other. I don’t even know if its me the one staring or if its her. We had a beautiful friendship everyone wish they had. She seemed so cool though. Good thing she switched classes on the second semester. I guess what i need is to tattoo myself on my arm, reminding myself not to stare.

Spelling. This is something everyone could relate to. But i suck at spelling so bad. I always use the spelling tool on WordPress and if its not there i google it. Which Google always help. The last word i googled for spell check was, Hawaiian. I spelled hawaen. That’s how bad my spelling is. I’m a tall Giraffe what do you expect?

I forget lots of things everyday. For example, today i forgot to text my friend i could make it to the mall. I just get too distracted on Instagram looking at pictures. Yes im still obsessed. I guess the tie on the finger would help but i forget that too. Is that even considered short term memory loss?

I always use the words: like, though, but, and. Those words are the lifesavers to my blog posts. I’m telling you i’m perfectly imperfect.  I know those words aren’t professional but who cares!? This is my blog. Not a high school essay.

Because being perfect is boring. Imagine if i use “advanced” vocabulary on my blog posts. Damn that would be boring. I would sound fancy and classy. Which i’m not. I’m a Giraffe.

Are you perfectly imperfect?

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