Bad Luck Follows Me

One of the search engine terms on my blog was, “Bad luck follows me.” Well that sucks hardcore for you buddy! Include giraffe face expressions on that sentence. Just act silly for a week and maybe the bad luck will go away. Make random faces, sounds (not a dirty way), remarks. Just act random really.

If your a dancer, randomly dance. If your a soccer player, randomly take off your shirt and scream “GOOAL.” If your a writer, randomly write about crazy stuff. Look at me, i do it and i hardly get any bad luck. In fact i get good luck. Not the good luck you would imagine (finding money ect.)

Just be random. And blog about it! I want to know how that works out for you. Or even better vblog it to me and tweet me the links, @artpomb.

I can already imagine a football player sending me a video of him being random out on the field, dancing during half time, randomly. Omg.

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