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Teen Idle

Today has been a boring day. Nothing to blog about today. All i did is sleep. And been lazy all day.

I’m starting to fall in love with Marina and the diamonds song, teen idle. The lyrics are the shit. I think the song is about what she wanted her teenage years to be like. A life i even want. A life being bad. A life i want to go through. To know what it would be like.

Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be a whore in high school!? I gotta admit i have. Especially for a blogger. Blogging about the guys and girls looking at you as you walk through the halls, boys wanting to fuck you, girls looking at you all day, Teachers judging.

I just want to make a big mistake. Just so that i could blog about it and proving my point. Or knowing im wrong and feeling bad.

What if i were popular in high school!? I’ve always wondered what it be like. Everyone knowing your name, wanting to be you, picturing you naked, being the class clown.

Can’t i just dream it all? For tonight’s dream? Being a teen idle. I just love saying Teen idle. I might as well have Sofia Vergara say Teen Idle as my ringtone, to make it even better.

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