Starbucks Stories

Im at starbucks. I came because my aunt wanted me to go with her shopping so i just asked her to drop me off at starbucks while she shops. So i just brought my laptop, book and ipod. I don’t want to be  following her around while she shops. How boring! Shopping is only fun when you have money to spend on. Money i don’t have. So im just going to sit here, being a creeper and ease dropping, critiquing people who walk in. Let the blogging begin.

The lady next to me came with her husband, i guess. She was like, “This is my mini office, come in.” Omg, the lady has a lousy laugh. Like seriously. She sounds like broken clown toy laughing. Lousy and creepy. The guy just told him, “you gotta watch it.” It also seems as if the husband loves the word shit. He keeps using it, psh wanna be teen hipster. The lady loves to use the word shit too. I thought it was just the teenagers who love to use the word shit. Now i know where it comes from. Omg here comes the lousy laugh again. She doesn’t say why shes laughing because the husband doesn’t want to know. Must be something dirty. The lady seems to be a drama queen as well. Because the husband keeps on say it, “Don’t start stuff. Take it easy. Its not easy. It may be tough for you than alot of people. You gotta let it go.” Actually the lady loves gossip, she just said it. Using the word shit in the sentence. Gosh she loves the word shit. I wonder if she likes the other definition of shit. Omg here comes the laugh again. She laughed and said, “fuck you man.” Their conversation now going boring. If only they knew i was blogging about them. Imagine if the husband came to me and said, “Hey what are you typing?” And he reads the blogpost and beats me up and deletes the whole thing. Damn ill be mad. I’ll probably cry. The advantage ill get about this is that ill press charges and get his ass in jail, and i still have something else to blog about. So go ahead, beat me up and delete it. I’ll still have something to blog about. Though i would be embarrassed. Omg what if i make it to the news!? I’ll get free promo! Though what would i tell my mom? I got beat up by a guy because i was blogging mean stuff about them. My mom wouldn’t believe me. She’ll think i ditched Starbucks to get in a fight with someone else. Which for me it would be hard to believe.

Two “fancy” looking lady’s came in. Is this real housewives of New York!? They’re in fancy clothes and fancy sunglasses and shit. Its 5 PM, why are you wearing sun glasses!? It’s not so sunny ya know. One of the house wives ordered iced tea, typical for a rich person right? Its typical cause they waste money on dumb stuff like typical rich people. Starbucks is a coffee shop where you buy coffee. Not ice tea. If it was hot outside then it would make sense. The other house wife has a Louis Vuitton bag. Psh, wanna be real housewives of New York city (based on the episodes i’ve seen). All you need is the drama and the long conversations about other house wives, being “fake”.

Yes Adele is playing at Starbucks right now. Yes. Its the song, Chasing pavements. Gosh this song sounds good at a coffee shop. It fits the theme. Calm and classy. That’s the way it should be, her music being played in the coffee shops instead on the radio every 5 minutes. Try being a little monster for a day. Lady Gaga hardly goes on the radio. Her music only gets played once every 2 hours. If your lucky. WHATEVER I’ve got my iPod to listen to. She still has more Grammy than any artist on the radio. Expect Adele. *moves eyes side to side*

There’s this lady waiting for her coffee and her laugh is as louisy as the lady next to me. Is it her twin!? She’s talking to the baristas about her dog. And the cinnamon challenge. She said, “My husband told me that someday ill do the cinnamon challenge.”  Its shocking to know the baristas don’t know about the challenge. They work with cinnamon everyday. Plus its everywhere on the internet.

Another couple walked in. This should be interesting. Their so far away though, i cant hear anything. I think the guy knows i’m “creeping up” on him. Which i’m not, i’m just sitting here staring at you and your girlfriend, blogging. He has a “how interesting” face with his hand on his cheek. You know what i’m talking about. I hope. Not that i’m racist, i just can’t tell if the couple are Asian or Hawaiian. I think there’re complaining the lady is using the hand motions. As if she’s trying to prove her point. Yep, their totally complaining about something. The lady seems mad, irritated.

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