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FAME, The Perfume

Today has been a good day. School went by fast. After i got home and had dinner i left to the mall with my aunt. And i finally smelled lady gaga’s perfume FAME!

It smells so good! The smell is so girly and fancy at the same time. The perfume is to die for! I haven’t smelled it yet because it wasn’t in stores. But now it is. I saw Kris Kardashian’s tweet saying the smell is amazing and its to die for. I thought, to die for!? In a good way? Cause out of nowhere you come out as a little monster by calling it amazing. But i now totally get what she means. I would so die just to smell the perfume. Well not really i just like the smell. If it were for mens then we’ll talk. The smell is unforgetable though. I sprayed some perfume on my fingers by accident and i kept smelling them all day. A lady did see me smelling my fingers. She probably thought it was poop smell on my fingers. But no ITS LADY GAGAS FAME. How emberassing though.

After that my day has been boring. Can you belive its 3 AM!? I’ve been watching some keek videos almost all night. And most of them are awkwardly weird. Everytime i see those type of videos i think, ew i want to close this. But my curiousity kills me. I wonder if my videos are awkwardly weird.

Im also glad i have a three day weekend. I just hate waking up early for school and for three days ill be able to sleep in. Finally! Im probably going to be forever lazy the whole weekend since my mom just had her surgery. So i don’t think ill go out much. I wish though! I want to go to the beach and relax. My mom would only take me to the beach if i get in the water. But i don’t want to. I have hairy legs. Also what if a shark bites me!? One good thing is that i wont have hairy legs (i think). But no thanks mom i like my long legs. It makes me feel like a giraffe.

Tonight im dreaming with FAME the perfume. People would come up to me and ask, “You smell good! What are you wearing?” Dramastically i would respond, “LADY GAGA. FAME.” And my unbirthday gift would be FAME. And instead of a tea party we’d have a bacon party. With In n Out burgers (Im really craving some right now.)

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