Fiction Friday

Crazy, dumb, random, silly YOLO’s

Those who live under a rock and don’t know what YOLO means, it means You Only Live Once. Get it?
Some dumb teenagers (but accourding to twitter, its almost every teenager) do some dumd, random, crazy stuff by the excuse of YOLO. Because you only live once so do what ever you want and live it up by doing stupid shit. Like getting drunk, getting high, doing drugs ect. So here are some YOLO’s i thought of. For every setence theres an imaginary YOLO for you to insert.

Playing soccer at a Mcdonalds parking lot.

Going drunk to the doctors office.

Dancing and jamming to Wild Ones while inside a cage with tigers. Wild tigers.

Playing Baseball with your friends in your halloween costume.

Singing lady gagas song Alejandro at Burger king for an audience.

Feeling lucky so you go to walmart for a mate.

Singing Britney Spear’s song Criminal at a wedding naked covered in fake tattos that seem real.

Visiting Alice’s Wonderland dressed up as a clown and be part of the movie.

Making a fan made music video of Starships at a bathroom in nordstroom because its fancy.

Cage dancing to Settle Down by No Doubt in your science class because you have chemistry.

Giving birth on the roof.

You have an erection for 3 hours because of viagra so you just get your cat because your desperate.

Smelling every rug at the mall.

Playing the penis game at a spa.

Giving strangers widgies in a banana costume.

Dressing up as sponge bob and ask strangers “Wanna touch my balls.” And so you take out a yo-yo look a like ball.

Live your weekend based on the secret sea counch. From Sponge Bob Square Pants.

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