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It’s Been A Long Day

Well today has been a crazy day i guess. I ended up going to school after. I was pleading to my mom to allow me to stay home. But she forced me to go. She said if i wanted to stay i had to get my ipod and computer taken away for a week. I oboviously said no. I can’t last a day without listening to music. Or even blogging.

For a moment i was up giving up my ipod and computer but i remember i would get bored over the three day weekend. I want to stay up on my computer over the weekend.

After all, my history teacher gave me an extra day to finish the notes. Im glad he did. I have a cool teacher. I still think he gives too much homework.

Then i got picked up early to go with my mom and aunt to the “hospital” where my mom had surgery.

Im just glad i got picked up early and missed geometry. That class is so boring!

My mom was having surgery in this office building. So the whole time i was at the café doing my homework. Then later next door the fucking music was playing so loud. This exercise club were working out and the music bothered me. It was so silent at the café until they ruined it. So i just blasted to Demi on my ipod.

I actually finished my history notes. It was so much but i did it! Took me another 2 hours to finish the notes. In total it took me 8 hours to finish the whole packet of notes. Damb i get so much homework for that class!

Then i just got home and got ready to go to bed. Its been a long day. All i want to do is sleep.

Im so irritated with my laptop. First it crashed so i had to restore it. Then google chrome got deleted. Then stupid internet explorer was being slow on wordpress so i just gave up and started to blog on my ipod. All i wanted to do is blog.

Tonight i want to dream with me sleeping. Im so tired! My eyes are closing as if im writing this. So goodnight! If theres an acoplyse anytime soon, good luck.

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