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Cruzing To Beez in the Trap

Over the summer when i visited San Juan De Los Lagos in Mexico, its never came to my mind how jelous i wish i was jamming out to Beez in the trap by Nicki Minaj until today.

I was in the car and a car behind us was a car blasting to Nicki Minaj’s song “Beez in the trap”. And now i was im so jelous! They looked so cool.

Cruzing around the town while blasting to that song is just amazing. Your basically saying, “Yes bitches we own this town.” I wish i was them! Especially in mexico! Everyone would look up to you as if you were popular. Cause i already have my respects to them for blasting to that song.

It would be a dream come true if i were in a black expetion blasting to Beez in the trap. Everyone would stare at me saying, “Daniel Giraffe flipped me off when i asked if i could join their cruzing crew. It was amazing.”

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