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Too Much Homework Should Be a Law

Can you believe its Wednesday? Wednesday night? Gosh the week goes by fast! If time were to go slow in my mind it would be Monday night.

I’m just sitting here on the floor doing my homework, looking at my blank history notes i have to take. Thinking this is way too much. My history teacher gave us TWO sections of notes to take. We even have to take notes on the useless notes i dont need. He usually gives us one but noo last night he gave me two.  I know i could of done one section yesturday but no. I had no homework that was due today so i relaxed. I’m a huge procrastinator. Sometimes i don’t even do my geometry homework because i get too much homework on history notes.

I miss my old history teacher. She would make us take notes on the things we need to know. Instead of this teacher makes us write notes for every section in the book.

I might as well not do the homework, or finish and not go to school tomorrow. My mom has surgery tomorrow and i have to go with her to help my aunt get home. That’s a whole another story.

I should get doing my homework. Not really. All i want to do right now instead of homework is eating and go on Tumblr.

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