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Nicki Minaj’s Song I Am Your Leader

I love Nicki Minaj’s song “I Am Your Leader”. I’ve always loved this song since the beginning.

I love this song because its so catchy. Plus the lyrics are the shiz. I don’t know why but i love saying suck my dick. This song is perfect. When ever i listen to this song i get in “Bitch im fabulous” mood.

The video just came out last weekend and its amazing. My best friend loves Nicki Minaj and she told me I Am Your Leader cames out on vevo saturday cause she knows how much i love this song. And of course i was freaking out. Its hard to estimate Nicki so i had no idea what the video would be like.

The begining reminds me of a haunted house with a black cat like in the halloween movies. Love it. This video is just as amazing as Beez in the trap.

The bubble bath scene says, “Suck my dick. Im right. Not you.” This is why i love Nicki Minaj. Her facial expressions, the way she raps. Omg. I hope she never changes.

This song would be a perfect song to jam out to on the freeway. People would think “Damb i wish i was Daniel Giraffe. Being all flawless and shit.”

My favorite lyric is “I am your leader yes im your leader your not a believer suck a big dick!”

Can i just lip sync this song to my haters at school?

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