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Doctor’s have bad handwriting!

I’m starting to have a little hate for my Spanish teacher. Just a little. On Monday, in class we were doing a worksheet and he came up to me and saw my paper. He asked me, loud enough for the whole class to hear, “Why do you have ugly handwriting?” What do you mean why!? I was born this way. All i said was, “Um i don’t know.”

One thing that bothered me is why did he have to say it loudly for the whole class to hear it. You know how embarrassing that is!? I already don’t have many friends in that class and now your embarrassing me? WHY!?

Bitch doctors have bad handwriting. And if i become a doctor i’ll have more money than you will ever make. So don’t come to me telling me how ugly my handwriting is, i know it is. The most important thing is that you can read it and that i know the material. Duh!

In my own fantasy world i can imagine him failing me for my bad handwriting and me going to the principal’s office winning my case.

Just don’t be rude and keep those thoughts to your self.

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