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Thank you google

Thank you google for adding my blog posts on your search engines. Everyday i see a get a referrer from your site and it makes me very happy. Its a writers dream come true, my work is being read. I swear, I’m smiling as I’m writing this post. I even want to cry. As a writer i dream at least one person would believe in me and read my posts. And now i do, even though people don’t find what they’re looking for but they still read the blog posts.

One thing that kills me to know is what are they thinking? Do they find it a good read? Do they hate it? There is a comment section just so you know. I would even pay money to get reactions from my readers.

If i don’t get any blog views on my blog i get a little upset but i don’t give up. But at the same time its a motivation for me to write another blog post.

Some of the search terms are funny as well. The most hilarious google search is, how to be a spirt hunter and came across my blog post, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity May Be Scary But I Love It. It may not be funny to you but it is for me. Because i wrote it and has nothing to do with spirit hunters. Its crazy to know someone wants to be a spirit hunter, thats some scary stuff.

The most popular post from google is my first post, My Own Meaning Of Nicki Minaj’s Song Masquerade. Which is a good feeling because this song has a good message. Actually my post has a good message. Maybe my blogpost inspired someone. Maybe i created a whole different world inside someone’s head. Maybe i changed somebody’s view on the song. After all this song is getting popular due to the Adidas commercial. If only i got someone’s feedback.

From the bottom of my giraffe heart, thank you Google for these happy moments. If you were human i would give you a huge hug. And maybe Lady Gaga’s perfume FAME. Not that I’m promoting it.

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