My day

Sunday Funday

Well today was a fun sunday funday.

I woke up at 8 AM, perfect timing. I feel dirty i guess, waking up at 11 AM. Why can’t i be a vampire a sleep 3 hours a day. That would be so amazing. I would get so many things accomplished. I would go cray with the blogposts. I would be smarter. I would be a happier person.

After we had breakfast we got dressed up for church then to the fair at another church. The fair was lame. There were only one ride worth riding. Last year was better. Plus there was nothing to do. After all the church was small. So we went to Target instead.

I love Target. Its a better version of Walmart. They have many items with style and originality.

What i loved about target is that i took some pictures for instagram. Not as many likes as i wanted it to be but i don’t mind. Atleast i update my account.

I was really hoping to find some Lady Gaga albums and put one in frount of every other pop artist albums. Its a monster thing. But they did’nt have any. Maybe cause they were sold out. No wonder why Lady Gaga is flopping. There goes an instagram picture to the trash can.

Then after that i went to TjMaxx for earphones. It was $5. Very cheap comapared with the earphones sold at target. They’re wanna be heartbeats earphones. I love them because their red, my favorite color, and because they sound great. Im just so glad i finally have earphones. My ipod speaker was’nt so great. I just hope they last.

Then after that i went to starbucks for coffee. Another instagram picture in the can (I know, it does’nt really make sense). It was funny cause i had a feeling they were going to mess up my name. And they did. I guess. They spelled my name corectly but the handwriting was a combination of David Bowie= Dawiel.

Im really not obsessed with coffee, i just enjoy it. Its like you drink milk everyday. Your not obsessed with it but you love the taste. See what i mean? But soda. I am obsessed with it.

Then i got home and relaxed. And began doing what i love, writing. Two hours just for two posts. Worth it.

It was a sunday funday because i took many instagram pictures, finally bought myself earphones, bought starbucks coffee and i blogged. But most importantly i spent my night singing and jamming to my favorite music.

Tonight i want to dream with Google. I have my reasons. You’ll see what im talking about on tomorrows blog post.

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