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Earthquake Madness

So there was a earthquake here today in San Diego. And i didn’t feel it. Sadly. Its been so long since i felt an earthquake and i wanted to feel what it was Iike.

I was just standing up and my mom  and my sister felt the earthquake because they were sitting down. Then another longer than the first one happened. I didn’t feel it for a strange reason. All i saw was the neighbors windows shaking. I was still standing, hoping there wouldn’t be a aftershock. Though at the same time i did. Crazy right?

The last time i felt an earthquake was on easter 2010. That was the day of the big earthquake all over San Diego and Los Angeles county.

I just want to feel an earthquake man. Not a strong one. But one that will be worth blogging about. It would be amazing if there was a earthquake while during class. Cause then we would be safe and we would leave the classroom heading out to the blacktop, wasting time. I just want to scream just for fun during an earthquake under my desk and yelling “YOLO!” And my friends would say, “Woah that was cray” and i would say “FISH.”

The perfect time for an earthquake would be during cooking class, that class is so boring.

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