My day

My Butt Hurts

My butt hurts. And it’s from PE. Stupid teacher. My teacher makes us work out hardcore.  First we had to run across the black top and back. Which was not so bad. Then we have to run around the whole school and then 100 jump ropes, run again, 75 jump ropes, run again and then 50 jump ropes. I want to see you run it and see if your not tired or sore. Was this even necesarry!? On the first day of class? This is PE 11 not athletic PE!

Being sore hurts. Everytime i bend over or sit my butt hurts. Mostly from my right cheek. It feels as if i have needle stuck on my cheek. If PE like this for every class ill be dead by november.

I was actually emberassed to dress out for PE because i have hairy legs. And everyone was going to stare. They probalby were when i wasnt looking but still i look like a monkey. That’s my main reason why i dont wear shorts. I swear once winter starts im wearing sweat pants.

At first it was my left breast was sore. Maybe my six pack was growing. But the pain was gone by the morning.

Why are PE teachers so cruel!? What am i suppose to do if my butt is sore and i have to run to get my walet that was stolen!? What if i was being chased by a dog!? What am i suppose do? Suck it up and let it bite me? You physical education teachers are so mean. Its the weekend. You want me to be forever lazy over the weekend and sit on my couch while everyone else is having a blast? I want to be able to have a great time during the weekend to escape your hell world (school). Somethimg worth blogging about. You PE teachers are ruining my life.

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