How To Overcome Bad Luck

How to overcome bad luck?

Trust me im a doctor

Said Dr.Suess

First you have to put a males underware, boxers will work, on your head and run around a end table and scream “GLAH BUAH FUCK OH MY GAGA CACA SHIT BLUEW VAIEN GAG JAKE!” So that Bad luck thinks your crazy and leaves you alone. You already get bad luck by being crazy so.

Or you could play the penis game. In a hipster nerdy outfit. Whoever says penis the loudest out in public wins! This game only works in long lines in Starbucks. The point is to show Bad luck you can be emberassed without its help.

You could call your school and ask them if the toaster works. If they say yes, tell them “Okay ill be there in five minutes to warm up my ass.” If they say no tell them, “Buy me a cat then.” Because then Bad luck would think “Oh okay he wants a cat. Could it be a black cat!? Is he making fun of me!? Im gone!”

Another option is the Ice challange. You have to have ice being dropped down your back. 12 ice cubes will work. The point of this is too wash away the bad luck.

Good luck! And may harmony be forever with you.

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