My day

Yesturday, Second Day of School: Culinary Arts

Well theres nothing to tell about yesturday. Just that i hate my cooking class.

I just hate it because we have to cook with our group and its so awkward. It takes me a while to make friends for me to be myself. Its shocking i actually do have friends. That class was super boring though. I was just dozing off. Then she said something about lemonade. It was a lemonade taste test. We had to try three lemonades and find out which is frozen, powder, or natural. What kind of test is that!? Is that even culinary arts!? I don’t think so.

My first class of the day was spanish. I like my teacher, hes cool but his class seems hard. But his english accent is hard to understand. Good thing i know spanish already.

Then after cooking class i had English. That class was fun and yet emberassing. We were playing people bingo and one of questions was whos the tallest of the class and everyone thought it was me. Im only 5’10 so im not that tall. I had to go to the front of the class to see if either me or this other guy is taller. So emberassing everyone was staring at me. AWKWARD.

It was a good day though i could really have a better cooking class.

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