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Could This Be Bad Luck?

Today was a good day. Though i believe i got a curse on me of pure bad luck.

Im on my way to lunch and talking to my friend and then BOOM i get hit on my cheek where my top teeth are at, with a guys head. Watch were you walk! But ouch that hurt like a b*tch! Have you ever slammed with someone else in the head? Well that’s expactly what it felt like. I wanted to scream at him “Bitch!” but i had other thoughts on my mind cause i was talking to my friend and he was crying. But that freshmen hit me hard! I think it was a freshmen he looked like one. My first thoughts were “My braces! He better not f*ck up my braces.” Because it was a hard impact.

I felt like my cheek was inflated or something but my friends said they didn’t see anything. Then once i get home i look at the mirror and i see a part of my lip inflated and purple in a circle. I was shocked! Oh my. My first thoughts were, i should keek this. First world problems. I feel bad that i don’t upload videos on keek so this would a good one.

Another incident that happend to me was that i forgot my textbook afterschool. How could i!? I was just walking out the school when i remembered i left my textbook in my geometry class. So i walk back to my class through the traffic and get it. I was even one of the first to leave campus but nooo i forgot my textbook. I would of been home sooner if i hadn’t forgotten it.

Other than that class was boring as usual.

If i were to choose my dream tonight i would dream with Cher LLoyd. I just can’t wait for her new album Sticks and Stones! If only in that dream she could sing to me an acoustic version of Want U Back, that would make my day and morning.

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