My day

First Day Of School: New Friends, YOLO, And A Better Geometry Teacher

My first day of school went well. In the morning i turned in last years textbooks due to my laziness, and i owe $20 dollars because they were overdue. Sure library let me pull that money out of my ass and give it to you. I rather spend it on clothes but noooo. I doubt my mom will want to give me the money for my lazyness. So im screwed.

My first class of the day was PE. I made some new friends guyz! Well i think i did. I was just sitting alone in the gym and this girl came up to me. Her name is Carissa and her other friends name is is is Dela something. I saw Dela something alone during the beginning of class and i wanted to go up to her and to talk to her but by she had to leave to get her PE locker. When she returned she was already talking to her new friends so i was screwed. But then Carissa came up to me so that made up for it. Im very awkward at first so it was hard for me to maintain a convo so the whole time i was quiet.

Then i had US history. I have a pretty cool teacher! He’s so funny. Not that i have a big ego, but he’s funny like me, were funny just by being ourself. He does those voice tones like i do. He also told us about YOLO. I was like, you know YOLO!? Seems to me its something is always on his mind. He kept bringing it up to us, “If YOLO were true you would want a better education for yourself and family.”

Then it was lunch then geometry. And my geometry teacher actually teaches. This is my second year in geometry because my teacher is a lazyass and doesn’t know how to teach. He just explains the lesson in a powerpoint. He doesn’t even explains it, he just tells us the vocab and gives us examples without explaining it to us. Unless we ask him. He’s just so lazy. So thank you bitch for making me fail take another year of geometry. She’s older than you and she knows how to teach! But this teacher makes it so simple. The whole time i was thinking “My old teacher didnt tell us this. He never explained this.” Im positive im going to pass this class with a C. Or else.

My day has gone by fast. I still have cooking (not looking foward to that), Spanish 2, and English tomorrow. Lets see how tomorrow goes.

Tonight i want to dream with Lady gaga with her new burnette hair. Loving the new hair. It better not be a wig.

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