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Today’s Instagraming

I’ve uploaded 10 pictures on instagram today. You see im addicted!

I usually upload 3 pictures a day or at the least, one but not today. I just can’t help it im a instagram whore. Im desperate for likes, comments, and follows. I would pay money for advertisement for followers.

Today at the mall i was wondering what to take a picture of. And it was a sucess. 7 pictures i took at the mall (i think). I even told kelcie to act silly just for a picture. Since today is Lady gaga’s 4th year anneversary of her first album, The fame, i wanted to take a picture for every song title. But that was a fail. I forgot to but mostly i didn’t even know what to take pictures of.

I wanted to take a picture of my delicuos chicken salad but i forgot. When i remembered i was halfway through my meal so that would’nt be a good picture.

Im trying to cope with technology but its too much to remember. If i took a picture every single minute of the day, i would probably loose followers. Nobody uploads 50 pictures in a day. That’s why there’s tumblr.

Instagram is all i think about and im sure it will be all i will think about in school. I’ll be desperate to look and take pictures once i get home.

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