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It’s My Last Day of My Summer Vacation. IS THIS REAL LIFE!?

Today was the last day of my summer vacation. I just can’t believe i start my junior year in high school tomorrow. It doesn’t feel like im back in school tomorrow but i guess everything will change tomorrow.

The fact that im a junior, is crazy. Everytime i hear/say junior, i shiver and laugh like in the movie Lion King.

I have two years of high school left then college. That’s just crazy! It feels like yesturday was my first day of my freshmen year. Wondering where my classes are at. These two last years have passed by fast!

This school year im gonna try my best to have straight A’s to make my mom and dad happy. After all i am a giraffe. I also want to do community service at a senior citizens home. That would interesting. Plus i need my hours for college.

But today was a good day. Since it was the last day of the summer, i hanged out and went shopping with my best friend, kelcie. At first it was fun, but then kelcie’s friend found us and was hanging out with us. I told kelcie, “Not trying to be rude but when is he going to leave?” She told her friend, “You could leave now you know.” You could tell he was upset and rolled his eyes and left. A face that said “Gosh that was mean.” Which i agree it was mean, and even told kelcie, but we didn’t invite him, he just invited himself to this party.

After that we were just having our laughs and looking at stores. I went to Macy’s to get Fame but it wasn’t their yet. I wanted to smell it so bad. We also went to nordstroom (i think its spelled correctly). I like that store but its so expensive! Just a simple t-shirt is worth $35. I buy my for $20, at the most.

After the mall i came home and relaxed. Got my bag ready, and my mind (not really).

Right now im watching Harry poter, the first one cause thats the only movie i have. After i was done being Daniel the Giraffe, i was like “Now what!?” So i just put on a movie to pass the time.

Going back to school means going back to waking up in the morning, having a bed time, the studying, the homework, the bitchy teachers, and other sh*t i cant remember. Or don’t know yet.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes. At my school we have block scheduel everyday. So i only have three classes a day out of six. My classes tomorrow are PE, US history, and geometry.

The only class im looking foward tomorrow is US history. I’ve always loved history. Plus i have a cool teacher.

Tonight im dreaming about me attending to hogwarts instead of school. Now that is a school worth waking up to.

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