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Want U Back

Im so obsessed with the song “Want u back” by Cher Lloyd. The first time i’ve heard it was on itunes, i listened to the demo and thought to myself, its not my type of music. Then i would hear it on iHeart Radio App and liked it. It was a good song to listen to. Then this morning it played again on my custom station and i was curious to see this song live. And i first came across this.

Gosh this video is so hilarious! I was laughing the whole time. This kid made this song look a thousand times more poppin’. His energy and “flava” made me realize this song is a good song to jam out to. After watching a couple acoustic performance’s i feel in love with the song, the beats and her voice/tone in the song. As im writting this post im listening to the song. Im so obsessed! Ive been listening to it all day.

After watching Toodlers & Tiaras, the famous Mckenzie, would fit perfectly with this song. She has brown hair (just like Cher), and she talks with the same tone in the song. She should sing or lip sync to this song at a pageant. Im sure she’ll win big.

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