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My Writer’s Block Has Been Broken!

Im no longer in a writers block! Woohoo! Its about time! I’ve been in a “Writers block” for a week. I know im not a writers block anymore because writting is all think about. I just don’t know how to explain it, you just know. Your just in a good mood when your creative writting light switch is on. Did you read my friday fiction on friday? Yeah it was boring and doesnt really make sense. That’s what you get when your in a writers block. Feel free to use it as research (not really).

I noticed i was no longer in a writers block when i was listening to my favorite two albums, Electra heart by marina and the diamonds and Pink friday roman reloaded by Nicki Minaj. It all started with picturing my version of “Radioactive” by Marina music video. Then i started singing to ma music *”ghetto” talk* and then boom. All these thoughts came to me and i just had to write them in my lady gaga journal.

My writers block was so boring. My brain was dead. I had nothing to do so all i did was watch tv all day. I just didnt have my imagination on/set.

I was blaming my writer’s block on mexico, soda, and the outdoors.

Music defiantly is an inspiration to me. Im just so glad my writers block has been broken. Now i could blog all stuff funny, random, and most importantly me.

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