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I Have A Hilarious Aunt

Yesterday my aunt came over the house and told us the time when she found out her son (my cousin) got his whole leg tattooed. She said she was so pissed off, she got blue sharpies and wrote CALI (like a gangster) on her arms, chest, and forehead. And told to my cousin “Is this how you want me to look like!? Wouldn’t it be so cool if I had them tattooed!? Lucky you I didn’t go to your Job like this. You see how tattoos don’t look good on people!?”

Just imagining my aunt with CALI written all over her is hilarious. I would pay money to see that. My uncle and cousin (her daughter) were just laughing. I would too! When she told us the story I was just laughing my ass off. In fact all night i was cracking up and still am. It’s been so long since I’ve laughed this much. I have a hilarious aunt.

She’s very strict but funny strict. She tells her daughter “No sex! I don’t want you to sex. Never.” Just the way she says it is hilarious. Of course shes going to have sex sometime. You can’t stop her.

One time my moms friend called her a “girl of the high”. Her response was ” *cranky old lady voice* OF HIGH SCHOOL!?” My mom told her “No! *laughing* She means of high class!” Again, the way she said it was hilarious.

She may be cranky and strict but her personality is hilarious. If her life was broadcasted it will be a hit show. My dear cousin, Your family is better than cable!

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