Shark Week 2012

Day Two Of Shark Week: Sharks Are Awesome!

Wow today’s episodes of Shark Week were pretty amazing and interesting. I’ve learned so much about sharks in just one day. More than a week of school in my case.

The first episode was the making of a replica of the worlds biggest shark at 52 feet long named Megadon. Hes been dead for millions of years (sadly) but he’s still one great and big shark. The fact that Megadon was able to eat a large whale was pretty shocking. Throught the middle of this episode i was busy eating, not paying attention cause really, it was boring in my opinion. But i did see the end. The replica of Megadon, named Sharkzilla, was something very shocking to see what it was able to eat and crush. My favorite object Sharkzilla crushed was the jet ski. Forget Colussus (yesturdays shark spolight) its all about Megadon!

Now the second episode was my favorite so far. I love Mythbusters and watching them test some sharks myth made it super interesting. In Mythbusters they proved that no shark was able to sense your blood from feet or yards away. I first thought that myth was true. Because i saw it on Finding nemo (i would believe that). Another thing that shocked me was that no shark cage proctects you from a shark attact. They can swim at 25 miles per hour and crash on the cage and break it. I thought that a shark cage was super proctective but i guess not. I don’t care im still going in a shark cage. Also i found out that sharks don’t come to you when your with dolphins because dolphins proctect one another when at a pad. So when ever im with dolphins not a single shark will come to me (sadly cause i really love sharks.)

One thing i that i learn from Mythbusters is that sharks are awesome! They’re the worlds most fascinating creature and yet they only eat 5 people a year and we kill millions yearly. That’s a sad fact. I don’t ever want sharks to go extinct. They’re so cool looking and the way the jump out for food is an amazing thing to see. And that would suck to never see it ever again. I want my grandchildren to have the same expiriences i will have with sharks. So if you ever see a shark please don’t kill it, lighting has a bigger chance of killing you than a shark does.

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