Shark Week 2012

Day One Of Shark Week: The After Effect

Wow shark week was amazing! This is my first time watching shark week. Last year i kept on forgetting when it was on. But not this year. Shark week is going to be the best week of the year! I’ve always been fascinated by sharks. I would always watch the animal planet hoping a shark TV show was on. Just the way they bite and jump is facisnating. As evil as this may sound, i want to see someone get bit. That would be an amazing clip to watch. Watching a human get bit into pieces is something i want to watch before i die.

The first new episode of Shark week was pretty interesting. I thought the robot seal was pretty amazing. If only it was able to move. Maybe in the future it will all change. The after effect of what the shark ate was shocking. Don’t they ever get full? Do they even do “number 2”?

The seal sled was a big scare. I would never be on there for a shot. What if i got eaten!? If that were to happen someone better of recorded it so that i was able to watch it from heaven.

Watching live sharks on your TV is just so amazing. I think that’s the closest i want to be with a shark. If they were nice then i would touch them.

I know want to work with shark week already. If they gave me the job to go with the scientists to study on sharks and blog about my expierence, that would be the worlds best job in my opinion. A bloggers dream.

The second episode was a downer. Watching them fail is not good for my soul. I just have this feeling inside of me that saying WHY!? and imagine myself crying.

After watching Shark week i now want my room filled with sharks. I want Shark bed covers, A live shark and shark tank in my room, shark stuffed animal, shark desk, and a complete wardrobe of shark. I just want a shark in every inch of my room. That would be so amazing. Sharks are so facisnating. Can they just open their mouth for me and close it without eating me?

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