Fiction Friday / Random

Jake and his three acts of randomness in Times Square

Once upon a time there was a man named Jake who wanted to be a fashion designer. All he wanted was the world. Through the power of fashion he believed he could accomplish it. He saw his designs in every cover of a magzine. In order for him to accomplish his dream, Forgeign Exchange clothing told him he had to do three random acts in Times Square to prove to them no matter how rediculous his clothes may be to never get the criticism get to him.

The first thing Jake did was to dress up as Marliyn Monroe and did mini play along with his buddy Oscar. The play was about how Marliyn met president Kennedy for the first time. The final act of the play was President Kennedy killing Marliyn. Even though it’s not been proven, its still a mystery. The whole Times Square had their eyes on jake because he was dressed up as a woman. He looked like a drag queen. Though the final act gave the audience the chills, they gave him a big round of applause.

The second act he did was to sing a song. Since he has a horrible singing voice he decided to sing while playing his guitar. He singed Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Since this song has many high notes he knew it would be a great laugh. And sure enough the people passing by were laughing. Even a guy passing by left money on the ground for him. He told jake, “It takes courage for someone with a lousy voice like you to sing a song about empowerment.” Jake had tears in his eyes because even though he didn’t had a passion for music he was inspired. He took it as “You have to be brave to be yourself out in fashion.”

He had one last random act to do at night. He imatated The Cat In The Hat. He wore the huge hat, red and white striped shirt, and drew whiskers on his face. He would talk to the strangers passing by. He saw a girl with a justin bieber shirt he would point at it and say “Baby baby baby ohhh!” He saw an old couple and asked them to kiss. And they did and he did a throw up face. He saw a dalmatian dog and sanged “Who let the dogs out!? Who! Who! Who!” And as his final act he read “Green eggs in ham” to kids in Barnes and noble. It was midnight and so he left home.

The day after, he got the job. Foreign Exchange clothing sent in someone to observe what he was doing. They told him the only reason why they had him do those random three acts were for him to learn the kind of clothes out in the streets people were wearing and to see how creative he really was.

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