My day

Apprently Laughing and Extra Coffee Mocha Frappuchinos Give You Headaches

My head hurts. I went to the mall today with some friends and i was laughing so hard, it started to hurt. I think it was the mocha frappe i was drinking. Thats what i get for asking for extra coffee. Stupid starbucks. Good coffee though!

I’ve come to notice i get in a good/random mood when my head hurts. Just look at my tweets, im on fire.






I can get random when it comes to tweeting.

Today i got up so early (9 am early). Ive been watching Awkward all day on mtv. I love that show. Its so hilarious. The fact that the main character (i still dont know her name, ive just started watching her show) is a blogger is even better. And the evil girl is so mean its funny. Gosh i love this show. Its a better version of glee. In my opinion

Then i had registration at school. Great. The fact that i had to walk to school in the hot sun made it even better (being sarcastic). School is the last thing i want to do this summer. I was in frount of these girly girls while in line. I thought to myself “shoot me. I don’t want to listen to their convos.” Then it was picture time. My school ID looks like a creepy doll version of me. Plus my hair cut, no thanks. I had to skip the books and cashier stations. I still owe last years books for being too lazy to carry them.

Then i got home and made myself a watermelon slushie. Not so bad. Then my mom took me, my sister, and her friend to the mall. We split up and met up with some friends. It was so fun even though we hanged out for half an hour, long story. We were just in Sears making fun of some ex’s and spraying perfume everywhere. And also being a clumsy. I dropped a perume. It didn’t break, thank god. Then my friends had to leave and i walked around looking for clothes. I bought a cardigan and a Dr.Suess shirt. Now im so excited for the first day of school! That’s only reason why im looking forward to school. That and i get to see my friends

Today was not so bad. I got out of the house so that was a plus. If i would to choose my dream tonight, i would dream with marina. I love her new album “Electra heart”. Its all i listen to, at the momment.

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