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My own meaning of Nicki minaj’s song “Masquerade”

I just googled the lyrics for masquerade and it was nothing i imagined what the meaning is about. I thought masquerade was about being creative, empowering her fans, Nicki telling her fans to create something, be creative, its okay to make a mistake. In the first verse when she says “Move like you really want to be number 1”, i interpreted the lyrics as: Move it and never stop on your dreams like you want to be number one. Oh wait the song is about what i thought. I thought nicki was talking about Adidas cause i remember reading a tweet talking about it. Or maybe she was inspired by Adidas. Who the fuck knows. But ima tell you any ways. “Adrenaline rush ‘cus you have been identified as a hustla'” i imagined she was saying: to work hard and even if you have hate being identified as a villain you have to keep your head up. But according to rapgenius.com it means: adrenaline is pumping through your body because the police thinks your a drug dealer. Hm. When she says, “Face it face it, full of bass in your face, hit the finish line, first place in the race, yes”. Interpreted in my own words: Imagine this, your a singer on american idol and you have to write a song and your getting hardcore hatred from viewers who think/believe you cant do it. So in my words shes saying, “face it face it” face the haters. “Full of bass in your face”, full of bullshit. “Hit the finish line”, keep writing like you own it, at the same time, imagine yourself winning. “First place in the race”, imagining you did it, you owned it and won and showed those fucking haters you did it bitch. When it comes to the bridge, to the lyrics: “Imma call your afro cause you never ball fuck ya bitches and don’t never call.”  I thought she said something else saying: Imma call you a bitch cause your never bald, saying cause your never right. “Fuck all ya bitches and dont ever call”, saying i did it! and dont ever bother me ever again.

As im listening to this song i imagine im at her concert watching her sing this song and dancing with Adidas, cause of the tweet (if you actually read the post you’ll know what im talking about), dancing with feet movement. Sorta like jerking but without going down just letting the feet move. I’d say this is one my fave songs by her, that ill forever listen to and sing and dance to. Thats what’s amazing about music, you create your own meaning and learn from it just like art. Maybe this song is art. Who caressss this song is the shiz.


7 thoughts on “My own meaning of Nicki minaj’s song “Masquerade”

  1. you got most off it write except the addidas thing this song masqurade was actually used in the addidas add that shes in so yeah but besid that you got everything right

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  5. and my mind is her song masquerade when i saw it i started singing it and then i wrote and my notebook because i’m nicki minaj fan to and to me it make me feel like a singer now

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