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There’s A Life Outside of Work?

I just realized this today and realizing this was not that easy. I started the summer getting 40 hours a week then 38 and now 35. When I looked at the schedule I was upset. How is it that every week I’m getting less and less hours? It’s not because of my job performance. I … Continue reading


Ofcourse I’m Mature! I’m a Mexican who managed not to get arrested at a Immigration protest because I’m fucking smart and decide not to go to one.

My dad is surprised I’m mature. I’m a twenty year old college student. Isn’t that the requirement? Every time I come to visit my dad, I try to have his wife, my step mother, figured out but it’s almost as if every year she’s becomes more of a bitch. Today was her parent’s 70th anniversary … Continue reading

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Hello00! It’s Me, I Was Wondering if After All These Years You’d Like to Meet

WordPress really has changed. An horrid, terrifying, and ugly update just like Tumblr’s updates. I liked the old fashion way with the black and space gray (thanks to apple for bringing this beautiful color to my attention). I guess that shows how long it’s been since I’ve updated my blog. Made you wonder if I’m … Continue reading